How to Get Started IW5 ft.Plutonium

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  • ‏‏‎ ‎This was made to compress all the information in the other pages to one bc words are hard (and bc I am extremely bored)
    ‏‏‎ This will include BO2 (Black Ops 2) Eventually

    To get started you will need at least five things,

    • A Forum Account (If you do not already, create an account on the forums! (It is a little button in the top right corner))
    • A Steam Account
    • A Little Common Sense
    • A Windows 64bit PC (This will not work on Mac or Linux)
    • And Finally Internet


    First How to Install IW5 (Modern Warfare Three)

    • You Will First need to download the base game if you do not already have it
    • You can achieve this on steam by click on steam://install/42750 (If the link does not work, paste it in your browser search bar)
    • After going to the link you should get a steam download prompt. Please follow the Installation / Download prompt like you normally would
      Please note, this download does not come with the DLC. If want to have the DLC you need to download and install it separately Link Here alt Link Here, once downloaded please open the ZIP, and then read the README.txt File inside for installiation)

    • Navigate your Steam Libary, to make sure it is fully downloaded (Note it will be under Tools if you installed, shown in the picture below)installed.JPG

    ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎

    Post Download IW5 (time to install Plutonium)

    • To get Plutonium IW5, you need to download their launcher (click the word launcher to download it)
    • If it downloads but you do not see it, that means your antivirus got upset and removed it or you are terrible at organizing. My best advice turn it off and download something better, or you can exclude the program (I am not going to show you how to do that, you have Google)

    • After you found the launcher, put it somewhere you can find easily because that will be the only way to launch IW5
    • After it is in a safe place, simply launch it and sign in (Please note at this moment it tends to not like when you sign in with emails, so use your forum account name, and It does not let you copy and paste your password)!
    • If you have any errors with the launcher, make a forum post or message the respective discord channel in the Plutonium Discord


    Final Configurations

    • Now all you need to is select the game path on the launcher, by first clicking on the game on the right side and then clicking the GEAR. Then navigate to where your game is downloaded and select folder (Make Sure The Paths Match)
      alt text

    ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ Photo Credit @H3X1C

    After the paths are set just press launch!

    If you encounter any bugs launching or playing please look at this thread and or make a forum post or message the correct discord channel

    For More Information and In-depth Guide Please look at these threads

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