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  • I know so many people are asking for cod waw and the plutonium team don't have plans to add it (I guess they have their reasons), but I'm here to give my reasons why cod waw should come to plutonium

    1. Not worth buying:

    in 2020 cod waw it's a quite bit dead, the only reason there is for the people to keep playing the game is for the zombies mode (I'll touch on this topic later), and the people who keep playing are very few.


    but I know are a bunch of people playing this game in an illegal version so maybe there is more than that

    in that illegal version neither there isn't a client support available (not that I know), so we can't play with friends, play MP, or any game mode online, so have it in plutonium will gather all that illegal players to this stable version and probably that little group of legal players too.

    1. Greater security

    as I mentioned before with this newer version of cod waw will come illegals players, players that maybe are cheaters or noobs wanting to annoy others, so we have an anti-cheats and that will increase the number of new players and decrease the numbers of cheaters in this cod

    the method to download it will be safer, I been trying to download this cod in pages illegals but I feel I'm downloading 7 GBS of virus, but if comes to plutonium we will know are safe to download.

    1. Zombies

    bro, I'll honest with you, we want cod waw for the zombies mode, no one will play this MP having the MPs of bo2 or mw3 available in plutonium

    I know we have zombies mode of bo2 but isn't enough, we can't add custom maps to this game or mods (only variants of the same maps) so if the plutonium team will not add bo1, add cod waw instead, as the zombies community in cod waw is active publishing new custom maps to this game.

    so, please if you can add cod waw to plutonium we will be grateful

    PD: you are doing a great job with this project, keep it up ❤❤❤

  • @GibuZ Hello, thank you for your post. It recently came to our attention that a lot of people would be interested in a proper World at War client for Plutonium. Together with the other Administrators, we have approved your request and we will be making a multiplayer/zombies client for World at War for nostalgia purposes.

  • At first I agreed with Chase but after some thought I began to change my mind.

    First of all - I assumed OP would be another "we want the game for free" guy but it seems OP is a logical guy - first of all, he understands that MP would be dead. Just going to be a real battle to get it going when you need full servers and getting that going is a challenge.

    However I agree from a Zombies perspective - it doesn't take as much to get the ball rolling and the game is old enough that ATVI likely isn't going to care. It does already have servers though (although i've not played in like 4 years so maybe im wrong) but im sure Pluto could bring it's anticheat and other features if the demand was there.

    I spoke to a few other staff and the overall opinion is that we will try it. If we can make sure Pluto WaW is compatible with the existing custom content, we might have a shot.

  • @brostosjoined said in CoD WAW:

    NICE i would like to be a tester for the beta

    You can't be a tester if you're banned from the Discord server.

  • Nice to see a request with some detail, nice work OP.

    I am tired of seeing I need <Insert Game Name Here> free version 😐

  • Will there be an application for testers or something similar?

  • So cod Waw is coming

  • I would have to some what agree on it I play waw every now and then there is like only one server that I play on and and even then you are still faces like in cod 4 there are just redirect servers if you are not paying attention. But at the same time I can see it possibly helping with the community and maybe also help bring players over to mw3 and other games just in general help out the community as a whole.

    I did enjoy for once not seeing can we get X or Y because we want it for free and this group is just doing it for piracy if they understood what the project was here for then they would understand it but I would have to agree at least for waw sack so that the game security can be better that is my main concern with how acti never seems to like to patch stuff that can affect its players and only would want money at this point but would still like to see people at least own the game instead of just wanting it for free.

  • In my opinion most of us would love the free game let's be honest.
    But if you really think of it WAW has low-key the best zombie mode
    Multiplayer would be active for sure but most of us we want zombie mode
    I know it's not that easy to make the game to your client, but this is what most of the community wants.

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