Troubleshoot Crashes

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  • My install of Plutonium has random crashes that occur during zombies matches. It's really infuriating as there is no output or crash log that allows me to determine the issue. I have already completely reinstalled plutonium and it still crashes randomly and with no feedback. I am at a loss as to how to fix these issues, and they really ruin the game for me as the crashes throws all my progress out the window. Any ideas on how to fix these? It seems like I've tried everything and plutonium is just unstable.

  • @brostosjoined I've already whitelisted both my AppData/Local/Plutonium and game install directories, as well as made sure no files were quarantined or blocked. I doubt turning off AV will fix anything but I guess I can try it.\

  • @brostosjoined Please stop providing incorrect support. If they have stated they have turned off their AV/whitelisted the folder(s) correctly, believe them. Don't just keep instructing them to do the same thing.

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