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    Known Issues

    These are issues we are aware of and are looking to resolve in upcoming updates but will be present in the initial release. Please don't report these as issues as we are well aware of them, thanks.
    [SP SOLO]

    • Solo campaign missions currently behave like coop sessions. So deaths etc are not correctly functioning as expected.
    • Restart level button in esc menu in both solo zombies & solo campaign don't function correctly and bring you back to the main menu
    • Dying in solo zombies doesn't restart the map, instead you are put back to the main menu
    • Finishing the first mission does not unlock the next one, you can use the command unlockall to get the rest.

    [SP MODS]

    • Loading mods from C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\mods (Steams location for mods) currently results in issues, e.g. menu not rendering correctly. In the meantime please move and load your mods from C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Plutonium\storage\t4\mods instead and they will work as intended.
    • Some custom zombie maps may not function as expected on the new dedicated servers as these maps were never coded with the ability for players to join mid game in mind, which you can now do on Plutonium. In addition SOLO custom zombies may also have some issues as outlined above in regard to it treating it as an online game so this may also have a knock-on effect. So some issues may occur dependant on the given map.

    [Co-Op/ZM Dedis]

    • If you join a ZM server there is a chance you will be stuck in spectator and not spawn in.
    • rcon for these types of servers does not work at this time.


    • If you load a mod, there is no logging at this time.
    • ModStats is currently not working.
    • If you clientkick a bot they will just show as ZMBI in status


    • T4 is an old game, older games tend to have issues with tabbing in and out. T4 is no exception so currently doing so may result in odd behaviour / crashes.
    • Changing certain settings (i.e. resolution) can cause a crash. Edit the config manually for now. %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\t4\players
    • Joining a server may cause your game to close


    Q: How do I open the console?
    A: The console can be opened with:

    • ^ on QWERTZ.
    • ~ on QWERTY (US).
    • ' on QWERTY (UK).
    • the key above tab on most keyboard.

    Q: How do I unlock all (max rank)?
    A: Open the console while in the menu (not in-game) and type unlockall and then hit the enter key.

    Q: Can I install PlutoniumT4 in the same folder as the Steam version?
    A: Yes, PlutoT4 does not modify any base game files.

    Q: Can I use a SKIDROW or NOSTEAM copy of the game?
    A: No you cannot! These two repacks come with outdated and incomplete files making them incompatible with Plutonium. Please follow our install guide which outlines how to download a clean up to date copy of the game:

    Q: Can my friends join custom matches?
    A: Yes, follow this guide.

    Q: How can I join a password protected server?
    A: By setting the password via the console with password followed by your password (eg.: password swordfish, password "A password with a space").

    Q: How do I host a server?
    A: Our PlutoniumT4 server guide.

    Q: Can I use PlutoT4 to play over LAN, fully offline?
    A: Yes, select the [˅] button next to the PLAY button in the launcher.
    (Currently a limitation in the launchers design requires you to have an internet connection even when starting in LAN mode. We hope to address this issue soon.)

    Q: Does PlutoniumT4 contain a virus?
    A: No it does not, it most likely is a false positive from your antivirus. However like any and all software downloads you should use only trustworthy sources and not download random dlls off of the internet.

    Q: Why does my antivirus flag Plutonium as a virus and how can I add a folder exclusion to Plutonium to prevent this?
    A: Follow this guide:


    Error: It appears you have selected an invalid game folder
    Invalid game folder error

    Fix: You selected the wrong game directory in the Plutonium launcher. You must select your World At War game folder. If you do not have the base game installed follow this guide

    Error: Game crashes randomly ingame without any specific error or a crashdump.
    Fix: This is most probably caused by shitty AVs such as Webroot/Avast and can't be solved even if you add Pluto to exclusions. We recommend uninstalling it, restarting your PC and launching the game again.

    Error: Error during initialization: Missing config file 'default_mp.cfg'
    Fix: This is caused by a broken or incomplete base game (World At War), if you own the game on steam use steam to verify the game files, doing so will repair it and fix the error. If you do not own it follow this guide to repair your installation

    Error: Fastfile for zone is corrupt or unreadable / similar error messages
    Fix: Fix is same as the above error^^.

    Error: Unable to refresh server list
    Fix: These are all likely firewall problems, ensure Plutonium T4 (both launcher and game) is allowed through your Windows firewall, ensure your ISP doesn't have a router Firewall such as Xfinity. go there and disable the xfi advanced security.

    Error: Could not authenticate to Plutonium: Unknown error or Could not authenticate to Plutonium: An error occured while connecting to the server
    Fix: Your DNS provider (likely your ISP) is filtering requests. Change your computers DNS servers to something that does not filter requests, such as - Follow this guide if you don't know how to change your DNS: If this doesn't work, use a VPN.

    Error: I can’t see (all) servers in the server list
    Cause : Game in offline mode
    Fix: Don't start the game in offline mode.
    Fix: Make sure your 3rd party Firewall does not block PlutoT4.
    Cause: Miss behaving network equipment
    Fix: Your router might be too weak to handle all the traffic and drops packages. Try a firmware upgrade.
    Fix: Your router does detect the network traffic from the server list as attempted DDoS attack and blocks it. Look for a setting to turn this off.
    Fix: You are living in a "free" country and your government blocks certain countries

    Error: The procedure entry point AddDllDirectory could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll
    Fix: Running an outdated Windows install is a bad idea, running an outdated Windows version that is so badly cracked you can't even update it is even worse. Install all Windows updates.

    Error: The code execution cannot proceed because D3DCompiler_47.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
    Fix: You are missing redists the game needs to run. To fix this download and run the following redist installer then restart your pc and it will be fixed:

    Error: The code execution cannot proceed because D3DCompiler_43.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
    Fix: Same as above ^

    Error: The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
    Fix: Same as above ^

    Error: The code execution cannot proceed because XINPUT1_3.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
    Fix: Same as above ^

    Error: The code execution cannot proceed because XINPUT1_4.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
    Fix: Pluto doesn't support Windows 7, upgrade to Windows 10.

    Error: After clicking 'Play' or 'Setup' the launcher closes and nothing happens
    Fix: You may be missing a required runtime, please download and run the Redist Installer. If this does not help, exclude your Plutonium installation from Windows Defender's scanning by following this guide.

    Error: Could not authenticate to Plutonium: snowroller uninitialized
    Error: Handshake: certificate verify failed
    Fix: This error occurs when you are trying to launch an outdated version of Plutonium. However, this should not happen if you are launching the game via Plutonium.exe which checks for updates on each launch. So if you are starting the launcher via plutonium-launcher-win32.exe please do not. Launch via plutonium.exe

    Error: Black screen when starting the game but can hear the menu music
    Fix: This issue can be caused by outdated GPU drivers, use Nvidia GeForce Experience to update your drivers or AMD equivalent. Restart your PC then try launching Plutonium again, the issue should now be resolved. If this doesn't work, r_fullscreen 0 followed by vid_restart in the external game console window should hopefully resolve the issue.

    Error: Direct X encountered an unrecoverable error
    Fix: Caused generally by a broken direct x install, the following video can be followed to reinstall Direct X:

    Error: Extremely Low FPS (Gaming Laptop)
    Fix: This documentation page

    Error: Your game is outdated (rxxxx against rxxxx).
    Fix: This is caused when your client is out of date and you try to join a server. Generally this is caused by you pinning the launcher to your taskbar while the launcher is open. This pins the wrong exe and skips the auto update process allowing your client to get outdated. Please make sure you instead always launch from Plutonium.exe you can also simply pin this exe to your taskbar by storing it in a safe place like your game folder then right clicking the exe -> pin to taskbar. If you can't find Plutonium.exe you can download a fresh copy here:

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