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  • I speak Spanish and I wrote all this with Google Translate.

    Welcome everyone to this new forum, this is my second BO2 camo, I am improving a bit, if this camo gets a little support in the future, I can make better camos.

    πŸ‘‰ Download the camouflage here: http://kutmoney.com/PEdk πŸ‘ˆ

    This will replace the Bacon camouflage.

    Just put the files (.iwi) from the "Pink Jungle Camo" folder into your "Plutonium" folder, t6r / data / images. And if you don't have any of those folders, just create them, but make sure the name is the same as described above.

    Here are just a few screenshots of the camouflage. All the captures are in the camouflage folder:1--Ballista.jpg 2--Combat Knife.jpg 1--Executioner.jpg 1--FIVE-SEVEN.jpg 1--M27.jpg 1--Peacekeeper.jpg

    Everything is made by JulianOfPlay.
    This camouflage is made thanks to: @ Alessandra2004

  • OWO ❀

  • Me gusta mucho y me pongo feliz de que te alla encantado. Gracias por todo ese apoyo te quiero.

    Amigos espero que les guste el camuflaje y Gracias por apoyar este (mi primer camuflaje), si por casualidad quieren un camuflaje personalizado solo comenten este comentario y pongan una foto de lo que quieren camuflar y con mucho gusto harΓ© el camuflaje totalmente gratis .

    Gracias por el apoyo.

  • That's 2 bangers now good job πŸ‘

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