when I enter game zombies mode it crashes

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  • can someone help me? when I enter game zombies mode the loading screen appears but when it is about to finish I get a message saying that I crash

    20201216_212232.jpg 20201216_212231.jpg

    I went to the crashdumps folder and it appears some crashdumps files and txt files I open them and this appears
    Exception Code: 0xC0000005
    Exception Address: 0x00A7A0C2

    Sorry if you don't understand very well, I'm Latino and I had to translate it with google translator

  • I just installed this launcher and I have the same problem with zombie mode. Can anyone help?
    I click start then the screen goes black and I hear a blip. After a couple of seconds, the game exits automatically.

  • @angel72342 So it happens exactly after you try to join a game? Did you recently download any camos? Try deleting them if you did, from t6r\data\images. Stats can get corrupted sometimes as well, try resetting your stats -> resetstats in console.

  • @HannesC No, the game won't even open up.
    It just shows a black screen then exit.
    However, I tried logging in with a VPN and it went well. But I could not play so I had to disconnect VPN and reopen the game again and it was ok. But I didn't try more to see if I get an error during the game or not.

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