Run a server with wine

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  • I try to run a server with wine in my debian vps. When I start the server it crash with error 0xC0000005.

  • As I understand Linux version of dedicated servers are not maintained because its working 'well' under wine.
    From my experience, yes it is working on wine but consume a lot of CPU/ram and it usually crashed (but its acceptable).

    I never tried on windows so I dont know if its better on it.

    To make it work I had to mess with vcruntime and co, it was not an easy task, far away from a common download/install/run process.

  • @brostosjoined no you can't, the server doesn't run natively on linux.
    @chacha18 ye performance is pretty good on windows, could you maybe tell us what exactly you did to make it work?

  • @Dss0
    I'm on debian, firstly I add winehq repository in my source.list.
    checkout wine wiki

    I am using winehq-devel (6.0-rc1 as today)

    Then I created a wine prefix:


    And then, the hardest part, get the correct runtime working.
    After a few try I end with dotnet472. Before I tried with winemono wich is a free/open reimplementation but without success.
    To do that:

    WINEPREFIX=<PATH_TO_YOURNEW_PREFIX> winetricks dotnet472

    Be patient ! This step take a long time because there is a lot of workaround to fully install it. In fact it is sequentially installing older version with a few wine hacks.

    After this, you should be able to run plutonium.exe...
    But ! I had another issue, the GUI was not showing up, but it was working in background.
    So I call the install command and waited for the download process to finish, and then start the dedicated server in command line... and... tAdAdA, it worked !

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