[Resource] T6 GSC Extender/Helper

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  • Hey everyone, I am releasing a resource to help those who are looking to extend or add custom GSC functions and methods to be used by their scripts. This can ONLY be used as a plugin on dedicated servers. Most people will not have much use for this, but if you are a mod developer and have been wishing there was a way to do something in GSC that isn't currently available, this is a good place to start.


    You can download/view the source here
    Examples can be found in the source here

    What this is
    This is an open source base that you can use to add functions and methods to call from a gsc script. You will need some c++ experience as well as knowledge of the game itself to truly be able to use this

    What this is NOT
    This is not a complete mod and unless you have some knowledge of c++ and how the game works, this is not of any use to you

  • helpful asf ❤

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