Keep Getting Kicked From Matches

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  • This is my first day playing this client, I love it. Earlier on in the day I was playing in matches fine, not getting kicked.

    It is now a few hours down the road and every game I join, i can play for maybe 15 seconds and then get kicked..

    Not sure why?

  • Is this on every server? Try joining any NexusCore server & I can see if something's up or if it's just the server you are trying to play on.

    Edit: Looks like you can join those servers, looks like it's just whatever server you are trying to join kicking for ping or something.

  • @Chase Ok bro, the servers I can't join it says ping would be 50-65... I guess I have too low of a ping??? I just joined an infection lobby that I have over 130 for and it lets me play. That doesn't make any sense but at least I can play on these ones i guess. Thank you for the help Chase

  • @Chase Started happening again man. Doesn't matter which ping this time. Maybe its my VPN??? Just trying to check off what it might be man

  • @2player thank you very much, yeah i've been able to get it now that i've paused my vpn have a good day

  • Good to hear you got the answer, most servers run IW4MAdmin to monitor their server and by default it kicks VPN users. The error message when you got kicked should have told you this though.

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