My account has been terminated.

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  • Well, here I am with a fresh account as I require some help.
    I used to go by the name of "Testyasd" or "testyasd" as I didn't put too much thought into my name but that doesn't matter right now anyway.

    The last time I have been playing using plutonium is a few months back and I didn't do anything shady or so. I'm pretty sure the reason for the termination is the deletion of my email I made the account with. I recently (roughly a month ago or so) deleted my spam email as it just got too junky etc. Well, back then when I didn't know what plutonium is or if it is trustworthy, I registered using the same email.

    Now I am stuck and seemingly can't get into my account. I'd like to know if there is anything I could do to get my account back? I still know the exact email letter by letter just as my password. I wouldn't mind if it would just be an empty acc though I was staff on a couple of servers I believe which makes me want to get back onto my old account even more.

    Thanks in advance.


  • @i-need-support there is indeed an account named "testyasd" but it's not terminated. What does it say when you try to login with username and password?

  • It said something similar to the title just with "Reason: (No,)" in addition. However, I just tried to log back in and get a screenshot and suddenly it would let me in
    . Not sure what happened but I'm happy!

  • Good to hear all is sorted.

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