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  • So basically, if you're going to add a fourth game, here's what makes them probable or not probable.

    CoD 1/2/3: Honestly, 2 or 1 could work, but I don't know if people would be interested

    MW1, 2, Ghosts, and BO1: Clients already exist and are commonly used, so probably not. (That being Cod4X, IW4X, IW6X and rektt5)

    AW: Not enough players

    BO3: I do know people want this, but just for free BO3 zombies, although the invisible and invincible glitches being fixed could end up in a good game for futuristic CoD.

    IW: Although there are more players than AW, and zombies would be neat, COPYRIGHT, and yeah it would be cool, but not enough players and copyright.

    WW2 or newer: Well, does have the numbers of MW2 (base) in terms of MP, but I'm not sure if people are interested in zombies, copyright, and if we move beyond WW2, BO4 would get the copyright boot and not enough interest, and MW'19 and BOCW don't need a client.

    So, in a probability list:
    COD 1, 2, or 3
    IW/WW2 (assuming we're safe from copyright)

  • @DrinkUrPotatoes 1. cod 1-2 has mod support
    2. cod 3 is console only
    4. cod4x is for cod 4 / mw 1
    5. iw4x is done by x Labs and wont happen
    6. iw6x is for ghost and done by xlabs
    7. bo3 still wont happen because of there being mod support and acti still supports is
    8.iw acti still supports it
    9. pretty much all newer cods wont be touched as acti loves to send CnD over shit like this

  • @FragsAreUs thats a quicker way of saying it

  • mw2 would be fantastic

  • @watch
    Xlabs already made a MW2 client a long time ago, and it's called IW4X.
    Here are their discord and website: /

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