Zombies Server Money Bug

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  • 1.About a week ago, i made a Plutonium BO2 Zombies server following a detalied tutorial. I noticed i can change the max players up to 8 in the config file. When i did that and my friends joined the server, (only 5 players), our money in the game stayed the same (500), but when i left the server, and my friend stayed on it,(4 players) the money was back to normal. My questin is can i fix it somehow, or is it going be like this when we're on the server with more than 4+ players?
    2.Is there any way that i can change the map when we're ingame from the game's console?
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    Sorry, my native language is not english, but i hope you'll understand my concern.

  • 1.) Thats normal, the UI has no support for more than 4 players on normal ZM games.

    2.) None that is retard proof, basically you have to manually run all commands in the cfg files to set-up the map and then run the map command with the map.

  • @Xerxes Thanks for the quick answer!

  • @DBCooper The config and mapname conbinations are in "Maps and the matching configs" in dedicated_zm.cfg in main. In the server console do set sv_maprotation "exec config map mapname" press enter and then type map_rotate and again press enter.

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