Did I get banned from a server?

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  • I got Plutonium a few days ago and it's been pretty fun. I've been playing on the only two populated classic map TDM servers near me called VZLA TDM #1 and #2, but I have a feeling I just got banned from the server for some reason. I got disconnected at the end of the match and now when I try to reconnect it just gives me an error. Reason why I think I got banned is because I got like 70 kills in a match with an ironsight ballista and maybe they have hidden rules against pubstomping or something.

    How do I know whether I got banned or not? Kind of annoying because the only other classic TDM server is in Europe.

  • You do not appear to be banned from that specific server.

    IW4MAdmin Screenshot

  • @Chase huh, pretty weird then. Guess I can try to reinstall plutonium when I get home. Thanks

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