Friend is constantly getting "Connection Interrupted" error.

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  • I have a friend that recently got the Plutonium client with me and another friend. We were enjoying a good round of free for all when he suddenly got his connection interrupted after a good 5 minutes of playing. We are all in a voice call, and his voice never dropped out once, even after the connection interruption.

    He rejoined the same server, and he got dropped again. is there anything you guys can do to help? His internet is fine, because he never dropped out of the Discord call that whole time, and his download speeds are decent enough. This only happens when he plays on the Plutonium client.

    And no it was not the server either, because neither my friend, or myself, or the 12 other players got disconnected; only him.

  • Definitely related to your friend's internet - either high packet loss or just shit internet in general. Also not getting disconnected in discord voice doesn't prove anything...

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