Aim assist single player/zombies

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  • Could we use a 3rd party mod/cheat to be able to have aim assist on those modes? I was reading some topics on this and it seems it's very hard and tedious to implement it inside plutonium. I think it would be a great idea but i'm not sure what the devs think so i'm posting a question rather than a request like some of those topics. If not it isn't a big deal but it would be a qol for people who want to try and go for high rounds. Thanks in advance for the response and all the love and thanks for creating plutonium. Hope your day goes great and happy 2021!

  • @Deathly-love bo2 on steam never had aim assist for controller users so it would have to be done from scratch but this is a pc client not a console replacement you can use 3rd party mods if you run the game in lan mode as if you dont you will be banned as soon as you inject

  • @FragsAreUs Didnt know i could use it on lan mode, thank you so much

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