[Feature Request] cg_fovscale and cg_fov

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  • Hello,

    One of my biggest issues with BO2 has always been its awful ADS sensitivity. With BO4, MW2019, and BOCW, the developers have added a relative ADS sensitivity option that makes the hip fire sensitivity and ADS sensitivity much closer to one another. In practice, unlocking the cg_fovscale dvar and changing the value has a similar impact (in addition to making the FOV much nicer).

    This feature has already been implemented in Plutonium’s MW3 client and XLab’s IW6x project (I was able to submit a pull request and have the feature implemented in under an hour), so I’m sure it’s very similar for BO2. You all know much more about modding than I do, but for IW6x I just intercepted the call to register cg_fovscale and registered it using a larger range of values and without being cheat protected.

    If you do add this feature, I would request that you allow the range to be, at a minimum, 1 - 2. Additionally, if you could remove the lower bound on cg_fov from 65 to at least 40 that would be great. My reasoning for this is that in order to achieve the same FOV as BOCW’s 120, a cg_fovscale of 1.9 and an FOV of 55 should be used. Having tried this on IW6x, it really makes a huge difference to the game.

    Both of these changes should be extremely trivial for you guys, and I think they would really make the game much better.


  • @lizardpeter for fov you have to us cg_fov_default and fovscale should work but iirc it resets on death

  • @FragsAreUs Thanks. I will give it a try. However, I am hoping for a more long-term solution that doesn’t reset. Black Ops 2 not having this feature really makes it show its age compared to more recent COD games.

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