Care Package Disappear Time

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  • is this time stored in a dvar or can it be modified using gsc? checked the _supplydrop.gsc file and there was nothing i could find.

  • Its in _supplydrop.gsc, just follow the crate spawn until you see it calling cratetimeoutthreader() there it calls cratetimeout() and there it actually despawns it.

  • There is a 2 function for that, self is the care package entity. You can try to overwrite 1 of this functions. Or you can to edit the file and recompile it. "scr_crate_notimeout" will not work i think. If this can be used will be better.

    cratetimeout( time )
    	self endon( "death" );
    	wait time;
    	self cratedelete();
    	if ( getdvarintdefault( "scr_crate_notimeout", 0 ) )
    	self thread cratetimeout( 90 );
  • @mikey Solved. The only reason why this topic was open because I couldn't exactly recompile, so I was looking for a alternative. If you go to JezuzLizard's GitHub, the fixed and recompiled version of _supplydrop.gsc is there.

    Staff can lock this.

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