Need help with being kicked for using controller

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  • Whenever I use my controller and tried to shoot I would have a glitch to where I would be shooting normally and then my aim would be thrown off completely and it would make me melee or throw a grenade, but now I just get kicked every single time I join a game and shoot and ads my gun. This only happens when using controller, I can use keyboard and mouse and play with no issues, I checked controller settings and nothing seems wrong there, I am unsure of the problem. I even deleted the game and redownloaded it but the same issue still arises, I can use my controller perfectly fine in custom games with no glitches so I have no clue what to do about this issue.

  • @Ol-Dirty-Bro are you sure that you are not having issues with your controller it self as I never seen this issue before

  • @Ol-Dirty-Bro When you get kicked, is one of these errors displayed on the main menu (screenshots)?



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