Server keeps crashing unexpectedly

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  • My friends and I's server keeps crashing every time it starts to get populated for some reason, when were about to check, the server.bat just closes unexpectedly and we honestly don't know what's going on, does anyone have an idea of what could be happening? (windows vps, iw4m admin)

  • @Spectre Any idea on this one?
    @RektInator I'll throw you a mention too.

    @toga To help these guys can you browse to %localappdata%/plutonium/crashdrumps and upload the latest one for us? (this needs to be done from your server btw, not your computer).

  • at the end of your bat, add a pause so the next time there might be more information. Other than that no idea without being able to replicate it.

    Havent been seeing those issues on my servers both Linux and Windows.

  • @Mr-Android @Spectre We're working on it as we speak, we think we found the issue, apparently we didn't have the latest IW4M Version according to RaidMax. The man who created the server didn't even had Pluto/Steam on the VPS. For now we're just updating the server and downloading everything we need and test it out. Thx for the help guys.

  • Update: @Mr-Android @Spectre @RektInator

    We tried running the servers without IW4M, everything went smooth, server got full it didn't crash. We updated, downloaded everything we need on the vps, went to test it out, server started to get populated, no problem, 9th player joins, server crashes immediately. My friend @Daks was trying to check if we had the latest version, while doing it he tried to relaunch the pluto launcher and got banned. This link is for the server crash dump file you said:

  • Sadly, the crashdump attached could not be opened because it contains invalid information. Hopefully this issue will be resolved for you with the next update.

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