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  • New Zombies Mapvote Menu

    Developed by @DoktorSAS & @JezuzLizard
    Version 1.0.0
    Of course can't miss a mapvote for the zombies mode too. I decided to go back and work on it. I don't know if I'll take the old design but I think it's an interesting design. The goal is to make a drag and drop file.

    In fact, thanks to one of the new Plutonium updates it is possible to perform map rotation. This feature that the devs have implemented is wonderful because it provides excellent functionality for a mapvote of this kind.

    Obviously I want to thank all those who have donated to allow us to implement this feature and I want to thank the Plutonium team that has worked on it.
    Another very interesting bounty/feature is about some dvar, if you are interested pass on this link. If you have the willingness to support the project do it, Plutonium does everything for free and in my opinion we must support the project

    Insallation Guide

    • Download the file Zombies Mapvote from the github
    • Move the file in your gametypes_zm folder (t6r\data\maps\mp\gametypes_zm\_scoreboard.gsc)
    • Add on your dedicated.cfg file all the this lines and configure your mapvote menu
    • Once loaded the written everything in the cfg and set everything you can start the server and play

    Configuration Lines

    Most of the configuration lines need to be implemented. Without these lines the mapvote menu will not work the way you want it to, but will work in default mode.

    //  DoktorSAS & JezuzLizard Zombies Mapvote Menu
    //  Twitter: @DoktorSAS
    //  Report any bugs under the right post on the forum
    set mv_IsMapvoteEnable 1 // 1 to mapvote on and 0 for mapvote off
    set mv_NoCurrentMap 1 // The current map will not get chosed in the mapvote
    set mv_TimetoVote 25 // Time to vote
    set mv_IsGriefEnable 0 // Enable Grief gamemode maps in the map rotation
    set mv_Borough 0 // Enable Borough gamemode maps in the map rotation
    set blur 1.6 // Background blur strength 
    set mv_ShowSocial 1 // 1 to show socials and 0 to don't show socials
    set mv_ServerSentence "Thanks for Playing on this Server" // Sentence on bottom left screen
    set mv_SocialNane "Discord" // The name of the social of the server if you have it
    set mv_SocialLink "Discord.gg/Plutonium" // Link of the server social if you have it
    // List of valid colors:                                      
    //    1. "red"                                                 
    //    2. "orange"                                            
    //    3. "yellow"                                              
    //    4. "purple"                                              
    //    5. "pink"                                                
    //    6. "cyan"                                                
    //    7. "blue"                                                 
    //    8. "light blue"                                     
    //    9. "green"                                                
    //    10. "light green"                                       
    //    11. "black"    
    //    12. "white"                                          
    set mv_SelectColor "light green" // Select color
    set mv_ScrollColor "purple" // Scroll color 
    set mv_ArrowColor "white" // Arrows color
    // List of The Maps, 1 for Enable and 0 for Disable:                               
    set mv_Origin 1
    set mv_Buried 1
    set mv_Transit 1
    set mv_DieRise 1
    set mv_Motd 1
    set mv_Town 1
    set mv_Farm 1
    set mv_Deposit 1 
    set mv_Nuketown 1
    set mv_Diner 1
    set mv_BusDepot 1




    Press on this to download the mod

    Source Code

    Press on this to see the source code


    The script was created by DoktorSAS & JezuzLizard and no one else can say they created it. The script is free and accessible to everyone, it is not possible to sell the script. The script has been created to allow everyone to use it and I would like it to be used in the proper way.

  • I hope everyone enjoys this mod as much as I enjoyed working on it!

  • This looks fucking lit good job guys.

  • Hi there! Really nice work right there! i tried to implement this in one of my servers and maybe this is a noob question :c but idk why on the votation appears maps that are disabled. for example: i have enabled die rise, buried and nuketown and all the other ones disabled. Start the server, votation screen and on the vote list is Farm.
    What im missing?
    in the .cfg file do i have to write something in sv_maprotation? (if i write the maps here, map rotation have priority over map vote)
    Can you share your server .cfg file with me? maybe im using an old one, but i added all the lines the way you said in the installation guide.
    its "_scoreboard.gsc" ok inside the "t6r\data\maps\mp\gametypes_zm" folder? Its correctly parsed when i open the server so idk
    Hope u can help me with this.
    Metal Thunder

  • @Sorex You have to write 0 to remove a map from the mapvote. Have you done it?

    set mv_Origin 0
    set mv_Buried 1
    set mv_Transit 0
    set mv_DieRise 1
    set mv_Motd 0
    set mv_Town 0
    set mv_Farm 0
    set mv_Deposit 0 
    set mv_Nuketown 1
    set mv_Diner 0
    set mv_BusDepot 0
  • @Sorex Yeees, i have the config like that

    Sin tsdsdsítulo.jpg

    take a look here 🤓

  • @MetalThunder uhm... weird , try do to "get mv_Town" and se if set to the right value

  • @Sorex said in [RELEASE] Zombies Mapvote Menu:

    get mv_Town

    i didnt know i can do that! hahha

    get mv_Town
    mv_Town is "0"

    maybe i have an old version of the server. i update it very often through the updater.bat, anyway i have the feeling that something about the map loading in the server's .cfg its not right.
    Im gonna check if i have all files properly and up to date

  • @Sorex This was rare. I didnt have any of this .cfg files (the ones inside the red box) in the gamesettings folder. The map vote works excellent now (was my fault ofcourse).

    The server rotates to the voted map without problem! 🤗 Town still appearing in the map voting, but Whatever! Im enjoying your work anyways!!! 😍
    PD: Its normal that when we are 1+ players, when someone votes a map, the vote sound repeats itself until the vote its over?

  • This post is deleted!
  • I'm really late to this party, so no worries if this is no longer supported.

    Maybe it's the way servers are built now, but I don't appear to have a "data" folder. I have a placed the plugin "C:\Users*USER*\AppData\Local\Plutonium\storage\t6\scripts\zm"

    It does show on the server, however, voting does not do anything. Once the server rotates to the map Alcatraz. The plugin stops allowing voting and we're just stuck on the voting screen.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    EDIT: I added the folders "(t6r\data\maps\mp\gametypes_zm_scoreboard.gsc)" directly to the server and the plugin is enabled here also, however, the same issue persist. I am able to select a map, but the server does not change to that map upon game end, it follows the map rotation.

    Once the rotation gets to alcatraz, the plugin does not allow me to select a map and I am stuck. on map voting

  • @BrewMyTea Yea, the mod is old and need a fix, the fixed version is already done but never relased because we did not find any tester that can test the mod before release.

  • @Sorex just stumbled across this right now, as I was going to install in my dedicated server. Ill be willing to test it today if u post updated files.

  • @andpla563 yea sure

  • @Sorex More than happy too test for you also.

    Do you have a link at all?

    I have the old one installed, and it works absolutely fine if only one map is selected within the map rotation list. As example: "sv_maprotation "exec zm_classic_tomb.cfg map zm_tomb"

    Still get a few hiccups on Alcatraz as the voting does not work for that map. Also survival maps such as Farm, town, Transit and diner appear regardless of config files.

    Either way, this is a great mod and I really appreciate you making it! Great work buddy!

  • @Sorex I'm now trying to setup a server and found your menu. Any updates on the new version?

  • @Ghali

    This is the correct mapvote link. This post have only outdated info and files

  • @Sorex Thank you

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