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  • I see many ask how to replace the main menu music given Plutonium IW5 already replaces the stock music. Most encounter an issue when attempting to edit our replacement music not knowing the launcher checks all client files on startup and repairs any files that don't match the hash and changing the music results in this hash changing.

    The solution is to leave those loose files alone and use a IWD archive as these archives have higher priority than the loose files.

    Attached below is an example file.
    Installation: Place IWD in C:\Users\UserNameHere\AppData\Local\Plutonium\storage\iw5

  • changed the .mp3 file to .iwd but i dont know how to name it or anything lol ...

  • @X4NNY that's not how it works lol. .iwd files are basically .zip files so what you do is you download his example file, open it with 7zip or winrar and replace the mp3 file that is inside with yours.

  • i can't figure it out, i'd love to replace it with some xavier wulf.

  • @xvnbrs If you have winRAR you can double click the MainMenuMusicExample.iwd, go to the music folder and drag and drop an mp3.

    If you don't have winRAR then create a "sound" folder, inside of it create a "music" folder, and inside it put your mp3 and name it "plutonium_main.mp3". Compress the sound folder in a zip file and change the ".zip" part to ".iwd".

  • @shyperson0 i accidentally opened with notepad how do i get it back to regular file

  • @shyperson0 i got it, thank you!

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