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  • i got banned for no reason... i would like to screenshot it but i'm scared that if I login again it would prolong my ban because it said so in the message.

  • @Abdulsalam_XP said in Got Banned:

    if I login again it would prolong my ban because it said so in the message.

    That's not what it says, it says your ban will be extended if you try to evade it for example by creating a new account.

    Anyways i do not see your name in the banlist.. pls do screenshot it, nothing will happen.

  • alright , i'm gonna try logging in , even though 3 days are left but sure , also i do realise that you responded in the same day and that's completely on me , i should've seen it sooner , my bad. and when i tried to login in a different account , it wasn't for the purpose of evading , i simply did it because i actually have 2 accounts (cuz i have 2 PCs) and i tried logging in with the account from the other PC on the current one cuz it has better specs , but i didn't think i would get a prolonged duration from that , anyways here's the screenshot :


  • Were you on a VPN? Did you inject anything? Were you using a Mod Menu? Anything at all?


    Why not mention your third account? The one you was banned for injecting roughly 3 minutes after starting your game in zombies?

    Our anticheat policy is pretty firm, so as we said before - nothing will prolong your ban except evading, so why not just be honest?

    In the event you were trying to mess around in solo, please use the LAN mode to avoid being perm banned, it disables the anticheat.

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