The Launcher Needs to remember

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  • I would love not having to select the game tab bo2 zombies in the plutonium launcher every single time i launch it. i feel the launcher once run should require one or even no further clicks to play the desired game.

    With hardcore bug testing of my many tweaks gsc mods on my local test server, it becomes very annoying not having the launcher in the correct tab to launch bo2 zombies immediately, thus

    could the launcher just remember what i last launched or better still have a automatic mode so i don't even need to click go in the launcher it'll do it its self once logged into plutonium user account > unless one was to step in before the launch to opt out of the auto go

    i hope this is an easy and quick tweak to such fine work you guys have already done!!! your all the best

  • How about you don't close the game when you are testing mods on your local server and just reconnect? The launcher is just a placeholder and will be dropped at some point.

  • @Xerxes yh i do do this but some extremely large mods are taking longer and longer to compile, even with my bitcoin mining rig i find closing the app halve compile times - when im changing the code and compiling every few minutes and then having compile times past the 5min mark; it is just undoing to the flow of improving the mod

    i thought only to suggest it thinking the fix would be 2 lines of code

  • Your development process is wrong then, find multiple bugs, fix them at once, then recompile.

  • @Emosewaj yh usually i do such a thing but you have no idea what im making; not bug fixing, creating dynamic events that are linked in series and can fail if the parent miss behaves so yh... btw can someone tell me if Print3d is usable or has a workaround

  • @MrMrE No developer GSC functions exist in T6. They were all cut. You have to manually re add them as a plugin.

  • @JezuzLizard you know I thought to my self if anyone would know this it would be you. Has anyone developed such a plugin?.... Again i'm looking at you @JezuzLizard ๐Ÿ™‚

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