Dedicated MP Server False Heartbeats

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  • Hello to anyone who bothers reading this - I'm having an issue where one of my Multiplayer servers randomly stops appearing in the server browser. In the console it continues sending heartbeats, yet Plutonium itself and IW4MAdmin cannot detect it. A quick restart fixes it, but only temporarily. People can connect and play during its uptime, and even after it 'goes down' as long as they don't leave.

    I've checked whether Ports are closing, if an IP Migration is occurring but there is nothing that I can find. During this downtime, the Server also uses far more CPU resources than typical, from its usual 2-3% up to 35-45%.

    Logs don't indicate any issue (unless I'm looking at the wrong ones) so I'm stumped as the server works initially.

  • Adding to this - after a server failure, logs refer to it as BlackOpsPublic instead of its true HostName.
    Seems to be reproduced when the server completes the map queue. First map will be loaded but server becomes invisible and inaccessible.

  • This happens when the server stops because of for example a script error. Normally the server would rotate to the next map, is your map rotation screwed?

  • I have tested every map, all of them work individually and there is no set map the server fails on, its completely random. The server could fail 10 minutes after launch or 10 hours on a completely different map. I have no custom Scripts running for Multiplayer

  • @RektInator Remember this bug you attempted to fix a while back? Its not exactly known what causes it but the last time you did a fix for it definitely reduced the likelyhood of it happening. I've still had it happen to me on my local test server but it seems to be much more rare than it used to be. Its the exact same issue where the server starts up normally but cannot communicate with the master server or accept client connections. There is no indication that your server is being affected by this bug when you launch it.

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