[Resource] Black Ops 2 Various Dumps And Misc Collectables [Revolution by Enstone Source, Server PDB, Raw File Dumps]

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  • Here you go guys, Here are many dumps for this game. Please, please thank Craigchrist and not me. I am unsure who leaked the Revolution source as well as the Server PDB's. If anyone knows who did, i will gladly credit them here. All i did was find this and re-up it here for the public Plutonium users. This should help modding Bo2 at least a little. Have fun everyone.


    All of the dumps: Here (Credits to Craigchrist)
    Old Bo2 GSC\CSC Dump: Here (Credits to Jezuzlizard)
    Black Ops 2 Server PDB: Here
    Revolution Source (by Enstone): Here (Credits to Enstone and whoever dumped and leaked this bad boy)
    Black Ops 2 FX List Dump: Here (Credits to BullyWiiPlaza & Cabcon)
    Black Ops 2 Dvar List: Here (Credits to gmzorz)
    Black Ops 2 Shader List: Here (Credits to Cabcon ❤ )
    Black Ops 2 Sound List: Here (Need to find credits for this one, not too sure rn)
    UPDATE: Black Ops 2 iPAK Dump: Here

    I also figured i would drop the older bo2 dump in here as well. Credits to @JezuzLizard for this one if you didn't already know about this, i believe this is the beta dump of Bo2. Might find some things that aren't in the more updated dumps.

    Interesting things are in here like the dsr_ir (Iron Sight) file with the model codes. Or the models/fx by maps here. Also lists the sounds and unique id's that each map uses as well. (GUIDS). Tons of things can be used here for whatever reason you want.

    I suppose ill also upload the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Server PDB as well as an old dump of "Revolution" by Enstone for the Ps3. I doubt this will be of any use to anyone here, but why not. Who wouldn't wanna check this out for curiousity? If anyone wants to really start messing with the game and how it works, and knows how to do it.

    One more thing. For those who are paranoid, here are Virustotal scans for the PDB files and the revolution source. All of the other files i've posted are gsc, csc, lua, etc etc. Which to my knowledge can't contain viruses. Virustotal them yourself if need be, i'm not doing it. Lol The ones below make the most sense i promise.

    Black Ops 2 PDB Virustotal: Here
    Black Ops 2 Server PDB Exe Virustotal: Here
    Revolution Source Virustotal: Here

    EDIT: Posted a few more dumps and virustotals for convenience purposes and paranoid people. I don't blame you either way though.

  • If any links go down or you guys have any issues, let me know. I'm not the most knowledgeable with these kinds of things so forgive me. If you have any requests for mod menus/code of any kind, if i own it Ill drop it in my replies, and update my thread. And as you can imagine, i do own quite a bit.

    I'm reserving this comment for anything i may need to post in the future, i love you all and i love this community. Thank you for making me waste so much time learning about one of my favorite COD's to date.

  • pretty cool

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