ACR and MP7

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  • Hey,
    I don't know if it's even possible / easy for you guys to do, nor if this is the right place to post this, but maybe nerf these 2 guns. So far, they are basically the only weapons anyone uses because of how OP they are. I'd love to just play but seeing only those guns gets boring very quickly.
    Let me know what you guys think.
    Kind regards

  • That's how MW3 was man, gotta adapt to it.

  • Can be changed a bit with a server mod, also there are a quite a few weapons that can compete.

  • I obviously agree, that MW3 had the same problem but there is a difference here. Everyone is able to just unlock everything immediately. And for most people it makes zero sense to take a different gun, even if they can compete, they are still obejctively worse. I know this is not your top priority, I was just hoping to see a little variety in the games.

  • Problem is that those are the weapons they get pwnd with so they think they are OP and that they must play them, just try an ak74u with xmags and rapid fire or xmags and silencer and you can pretty much get everyone with mp7 to rage (quit). results may wary though..

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