Cheater not banned on T6

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  • Yesterday, this player @frostedvv2 was ruining players' fun by aimbotting on many servers. Unfortunately, he wasn't banned by the Anticheat tool.

    I recorded his POV but the video file is corrupted.

    As far as I know, he was banned from Doctors FFA Nuketown Sniper Server by @azyle who can confirm my words regarding his aimbot. He was also banned from NamelessNoobs Server after many reports.


    I know that without any clear evidence like a video recording you can't ban him but please keep an eye on this player.

  • T6 has server sided demo support since last update and its enabled by default, if NN does provide the demo file and it shows him cheating we sure will be able to ban him.

    @st0rm Mind checking your server for demo files?

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