How to automatically clean up demo files

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  • 1.) Change the path and replace the <number of days> with the number of days to keep the demo files.

    forfiles /p "C:\what\ever\t6r\data\demos" /m *.demo /D -<number of days> /C "cmd /c del @path"

    So it might become:
    forfiles /p "C:\gameserver\plutot6\t6r\data\demos" /m *.demo /D -7 /C "cmd /c del @path"

    2.) Add it as a Task in the Task Shedular like on the screenshots and let it run daily.


    On the Triggers tab add a new trigger:


    On the Actions tab add a new action:

    Everything after forfiles from 1.) is a argument, so paste them all in.


    Enter your password for the task to be able to run even when no-one is logged in.


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