Problems editing _weapons.gsc

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  • I'm trying to put some custom scripts inside of _weapons.gsc (essentially the same way I would on Cod4). I get no errors compiling it into a mod, however launching the mod doesnt have any changes with the code I have put in.

    For example, I have a script to remove players guns if a sniper is not selected, and give them a springfield, essentially for an SL mod. However, none of the changes take effect.

    I've placed the _weapons.gsc into my raw folder, my mod, and the main_shared, with no luck. The odd thing, is restricting perks by editing _class.gsc and placing it in the main_shared folder works.

    Anyone had a similar problem that they've fixed?
    Below is some of the code I'm trying to use for perk setup.


  • and your main_shared has the correct patch as if it was a ff or iwd layout

    for example main_shared/maps/mp/....

  • yeah, its main_shared\maps\mp\gametypes

  • @FragsAreUs I figured it out. It was a scripting error on my part. Didn't have onPlayerspawn pointing towards setupPerks thread correctly.

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