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  • Hello.

    I'd like to report a bug to the plutonium dev team.

    I think this is a bug if not then just delete the thread or something and I am sorry for the inconvenience.

    Anyway you're Upnp status in the server list tab for mw3/blk ops 2/waw. will show as disabled to you.

    Even if it is enabled and friends see your online when looking at the friends tab and can join your private match. It appears to be a ui bug for the upnp tab?

    If for any reason you would like to know this happens to me over wifi connection

    My friend with a wired connection does not have this issue. His tab shows his upnp is enabled. Yet to see if other people with wired connection have this issue.

    Anyway thought I'd share as I've seen some people confused. Me being one of them as for a while I thought my upnp wasn't turning on and I spent a while trying to see what the problem was. There was none lol just a silly glitch that threw me off guard so I thought I'd report it here

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