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  • I need some information about the VIP subject.
    With IW4X was clear as water information on how to get, what you get from it and how much is it. Guess with Plutonium BO2 and WAW is different (I dunno how's it with MW3 cus I haven't tried yet, but I have a guess it's the same as those two plutos).
    Can someone help me by answering these two questions please?
    1- How much is the VIP and where should I go to buy it?
    2- If you buy VIP (i.e on WAW), you have to buy again for BO2 aswell or it's a VIP for all Plutonium games?

  • Hello,

    VIP can not be bought, you can however donate 5€ or more and receive the Contributer role here on the forum and on the discord.

  • X Labs (IW4x) does not "sell VIP" either, they have a Patreon you can donate to to get early access to games (similar to what we do), are you sure you are not thinking of a server-specific VIP? I know some trickshot servers sell "VIP" on their servers where you can get access to certain features.

  • @Chase Yeah, that's what I meant, on trickshot servers. If you donate X money, you will get bonus features that are useful when it comes to trickshotting.

  • Yep, has nothing to do with the client itself, you'll have to contact the specific server for inquires.

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