How to turn client side demos off.

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  • Hello,

    Is it possible to disable the dedicated server demos? since our servers see a lot of players, a lot of demos are subsequently saved meaning a lot of space is being taken up on the VPS, roughly 400-500mb a day.

    It's getting annoying having to logon to the VPS every other day to clear the demos folder as it just takes up way too much space; at first I didn't realise until IW4MAdmin stopped tracking stats, I checked to see why and to my surprise the demo folder had amassed over 3.5gb of space in less than a week.. I know I'm just gonna get the reply 'just delete them as you are' or 'upgrade your VPS storage' but It's rather inconvenient with my day to day work and sometimes simply not being able to logon at all sometimes to delete the files.

    If this is possible to disable then please let me know ASAP.

  • @bil i don't think it's possible to completely disable it but you can schedule a task to clean up the folder from time to time:

  • @bil Set demo_recordPrivateMatch 0 in your server config.

  • Since enabling the demos is just one small step of a bigger planned feature I highly recommend you to find a way to make it happen, I know that not everyone can store months of demo files but at least a week should be doable for every server admin.

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