HELP t4m installation

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  • How is the t4m installed? I tried to put it in the pluto t4 folder but it crashes the game and only deletes the t4m file
    please help

  • T4M is already integrated with Plutonium I believe, not sure though. Why would you want it though? PlutoT4 already surpasses most of the t4m features.

  • @HannesC There is a custom map that asks me for the t4m but when I try to start the mod it does not start me and that is why I imagined that I had to install it

  • @takaez i think the prblem is that you the mods are in the original waw mod folder that's why. Try cutting mods that you installed from %localappdata%\Activision\CoDWaW\mods and placing them in %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\t4\mods (ps: sorry if issue is already fixed) you don't need all that t4m crap ,trust me, t4m is like mod support for waw(which plutonium already gives)

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