To Owners of Plutonium & Staff

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  • Hi,

    I am the clan leader of [V3X]. We have hosted the #1 ranked Black Ops 1 Server for years [on the official steam version of the game]. We have a clan of over 100 members from many countries around the world. We have clan meetings once a month, over 500+ ppl in our discord and growing rapidly. There are hundreds of thousands of people that traffic through our black ops 1 server that we host.

    I am a very strong advocate for player hosted servers, as we have not had that option mainly since black ops 1 (plus mw3 - which a lot of ppl didnt even know had server browsers). I have labored intensively by posting things on twitter, reddit, new cod forums etc, to hopefully bring back a little of what went missing with player hosted servers.... The community, the clans that would form, the ability to manage game modes / maps, the options for maintaining a free hacker free server, post server messages and admin the servers as we see fit. I have even posted a long description on to help these causes.

    I just found out about 3 days ago that plutonium exists. I was surprised to find that there was a larger player base than I expected. I immediately became excited bc I love lots about what bo2 offered but just couldn't get into it without having player hosted servers. Since we already have servers we run for bo1, ark and soon to be others, it is very feasible to say we will host / run at least 1 server through plutonium for bo2.

    There are some concerns I have about doing so though. Things I do not want to discuss openly on forums and would like to request a audience with the owners, if possible, before establishing a permanent presence. If we are able to make this happen, I would also like to extend my services and expertise for free, to help promote plutonium & potentially be part of "staff".

    There are vast potentials within what you guys are doing here, that I support. I hope it is worth your time to meet to discuss some things. Preferably in voice for efficiency etc but I am open to any venue.

    Forgive my lack of knowledge of proper place it would have been to post this. I had sent a couple message in #support in discord, yet no one replied. I did not want to attempt @pinging ppl or dm them unexpectedly. I appreciate any time you are willing to extend.



  • This post is deleted!
  • Could you maybe give us an idea of what you want to talk about?

  • Feel free to tag me on the discord, then we can chat in DM.

  • @H3X1C Vexbane#0701 feel free to friend me when you have time. I didnt notice you online, so didnt ping you, but will try anyway. I am on east coast of the US, depending where you are located might determine best time to chat. Thanks.

  • @homura IPR legality, anti-cheat, admin controls to fully manipulate server game modes / ban hackers / promote other admins / similar to structure we are familiar with and works so well to help make us so popular in bo1... Many of these and a couple minor topics not posted, lead to follow up questions once answered. Then requesting to be part of staff to help the cause + methods of helping to advertise within our own community on discord, our black ops 1 server & steam forums

  • @Vexbane Feel free to message me on Discord - we don't normally accept people requesting staff though. If I'm offline just shoot me a message anyway. I'll see if I can atleast answer your questions.

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