How to host mod menu in LAN mode with friend.

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  • My friend is getting his first pc soon and he already knows how to trickshot. My friend and I decided it would be a good video idea to trickshot on zombies. I already know how to get the mod menu on and i know you have to be in offline/lan mode. I was wondering if you are in offline/lan mode can you still invite your friends? i thought you couldn't but idk.
    ty :),

  • You both must be on LAN mode and both must be connected to the same LAN.
    You open the game in LAN mode and start private match etc as normal.

    Then you would just grab your local IP Address and send that to him.

    When in the menu of the game (in LAN mode) your friend would open the console and type connect YOURLOCALIPHERE and then press enter.

    Everything in the above thread still applies, so make sure you have the correct port open or he won't be able to join.

    Sorry for not being too specific but I hope it helps.

    P.S - I moved your thread and renamed it.

  • ty brodie 🙂

  • что делать если у меня не показывает айпи в игре

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