Dynamically upload custom content from connecting clients to the server and connected clients.

  • Project Moderator

    Option to allow clients to upload custom content like camos and reticles while joining the server.
    There should be an option to allow clients to upload certain custom content while connecting like counter strike used to do it with sprays.

    This feature should be added to the client, so custom modifications can be shown off on all dedicated servers which haven't disabled the feature and P2P based game sessions.
    Of course this would also require a System:

    • to convert the uploaded file into multiple files for each quality setting.
    • to upload the files to the server and the clients on the fly.
    • to apply the files only to the weapons of the client with the file. So everyone can see them but only the affected clients to spawn with them.
    • to black list certain unwanted content (like swastikas, dicks, you get the idea).
    • to cache files on the servers for regular players.
    • to delete unused files from the cache after x days or if the cache is bigger than y MB.

  • I like how ever only for the skin part.
    I doubt that this would be added but this is a debate topic

    my opinion is it should have to be activated in the server config first and be off by default aka sv_pure

  • Really Nice Dude Im looking foward to such a thing :)