Can join games hosted by friends, but can't host them myself [Zombies]

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  • My friend recently bought Black Ops 2 and installed Plutonium. We had been playing for a while together yesterday, but every time we do, she has to host, because while I can double click on her name once she's on the waiting screen and join just fine, when I'm the one hosting, once I'm on the loading screen waiting for her, she can double click my name and it will tell her she's joining, but the message will disappear after a few seconds and she'll never be brought into a loading screen. Does anybody have any experience with fixing this bug?

    Some notes:

    • I've ensured that I'm following all the steps of the Custom Games with Friends guide (Up to port forwarding and the steps afterwards, as it has been easier to just join her games than go through all of it, if this is the solution than please let me know!), I have everything enabled and seemingly working properly there.
    • I've also got a secondary PC that I installed Plutonium on and made a secondary account so I could try and join myself there, but the same problem persisted, so it definitely seems to be a problem with my PC, but I can't seem to figure out what it is.

    I know this isn't the biggest deal since I can join her, but if anybody knows how to fix it, it would be greatly appreciated!

  • If she cannot join you, that means your router/PC does not have UPNP properly supported/configured, if you are sure your network is on Private, then it's most likely just your router not supporting UPNP. Try looking around Google for your specific router and things like How to enable UPNP or How to Port forward (keep in mind if you port forward, you also need to whitelist the port inside windows firewall).

    Hope this helps.

  • @Chase Ahhh, thank you thank you! It does, I appreciate the help!

  • @ConsoleBoyo My friend, did you find the solution?

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