Server Vitals and session logging

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  • Hi,
    I was wondering if there was a way to get more informations about a session (ex: a zombie match) in the form of logins, public ip's, resources (hardware) consumption, live console status ecc ecc..
    Im asking this because yesterday my 5 player buried match crashed at round 14 for no resons.
    Let me be clear, im very new to this plutonium server hosting but i do have some knowledge of networking and server hosting. Both me and my friends got the "Connection error" message in game andthen timed out. The cmds spawned by the start_zm_server didnt show any sign of error, the server restarted the map giving heartbeats shortly after.
    So the question is, what tools i can use to identify what went wrong? i couldn't find any logs in the folders so i can't say whether it was a connection problem with the machine that hosts the service (on-premise), a bug that occurred because i was hosting a 5 player match (MIND: i've done very few short 4 player games because im very new to plutonium), or anything else.

    Ány tips?i'd appreciate
    Note: Im also reading about RCON rn, but i still wonder if there is more or alternative ways.

  • @Il23Pazzo maybe iw4madmin? don't think that displays stuff like ram and cpu usage tho.
    Other than that check windows event viewer (windows logs -> application) for any errors that occurred at the time the server crashed.

  • @Dss0 Yea i meant IW4M when i wrote about RCON.The event viewer show no signs of problems at the time of failure, also none of the other services that i run on that machine logged errors or problems. To be honest im searching quite specifically for a console error log, something that can show what problem occurred at runtime because im quite sure it was because of the 5 player configuration. In your experience how often and what kind of problems can this type of tweaks give?

  • @Il23Pazzo no idea how often that occurs, i don't host any zombie servers myself. Probably pretty rare as i didn't see many reports about this.
    There is no console logfile sadly.
    You could also check if the game created a crashdump in %localappdata%/Plutonium/crashdumps.

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