[Release] Cod Jumper

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  • (Pls note I am not the original creator of this mod I just ported it)

    Today I bring cod jumper that was ported to mw2 over to mw3 by the now implemented gsc that allowed for such thing to exist.

    Download: https://github.com/FragsAreUs/mw3_codJumper


    What is cod jumper?

    cod jumper is a mode allows for save and load of players positions to learn bounce location's on maps for example this youtube video that shows off what cod jumping is

    Youtube Video

    How do I install this Cod jumper mod?

    its simple you will need to go to your pluto install location usually located in your %localappdata%/Plutonium

    you can get there by doing Windows key + R "shortcut for the run action for windows"


    after pasting the location in the box just hit okay

    while inside your pluto folder you want to navigate to storage/iw5/scripts pls not if you do not have a scripts folder you have to make one


    after that is done you will download the cod jumper gsc from this thread and have fun.

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