[Release] mw2 Nuke

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  • Hello today I am releasing my work on turning the mw3 moab back into the mw2 game ending nuke

    Download: https://github.com/FragsAreUs/-Release-mw2-nuke-for-mw3/archive/refs/tags/1.0.zip

    Youtube Video

    its simple you will need to go to your pluto install location usually located in your %localappdata%/Plutonium

    you can get there by doing Windows key + R "shortcut for the run action for windows"


    while inside your pluto folder you want to navigate to storage/iw5

    after downloading the mod open the zip file and open the folder that is in there

    should see just this maps folder then all you are going to do is drag and drop your maps folder into your storage/iw5 as shown here


    after it is installed have fun with calling nukes in

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