How to play with friends using a virtual lan

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  • Hello guys, for everyone who's having trouble with custom games and port forwarding i've tried everything and this is how it works for me. You install a virtual LAN software like hamachi or radmin VPN (radmin vpn is what i use and works fine). So you and your friends install it and one of you create a network where the others can join. Once is created and all of you have joined that network, one of you is going to create a custom game and the others are going to open the console and type "connect (the ip shown in radmin vpn of the person who created the game)" and just click enter, thats it just the ip shown in the software, without the ":4976".

  • The "official" way works just fine, it was most likely a mistake on your side. Using 3rd party tools are unnecessary extra steps.

  • @IceTheWorld actually I have port forwarded and I still can’t do the “official way” like when my friend tries to join me it says for him “Joining game session” then nothing happens

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