T4 custom zombies: Map restart not working fix??

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  • Well i know its a known issue but is it a fixable one? on certain custom maps once i attempt to restart it, i get the error "CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand: A reliable command was cycled out." And boots me back to the main menu. I have only been playing singleplayer recently. I know i can just restart the map from the main menu and stop complaining, but unfortunately my game takes forever to load certain maps. Maybe there's something i don't know about? I need help, its a little frustrating when im just trying to have a quick game of zombies. I know i can just launch the base game without plutonium, but any sort of help is appreciated for getting this to work.

  • Known issue, but thank you for reporting.

  • Im also having a problem with zombies when i try to leave a solo zombies game the game just freezes and crashes, also modded maps don't work there either do nothing or crash.

    This its a big issue

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