Lack of hit indication when getting shot at, pls fix immediatley

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  • Dear Pluto devs,

    I love your client, but at the same time it has soooo many problems. Some of them are technical things that can be fixed, whereas others that are just there and CAN'T be fixed. (Sweats, Lack of players, overpopulated or "dead" unpopulated servers). My biggest problem however is the lack of hit indicator (not the hitmarker) when I get shot at. I have zipped you some gameplay footage ( to show you the problem. Please analyse how often I got shot at and how often you have seen the indicator that shows the the direction I get shot from. I know that I'm not a good player, but doesn't excuse that there's no indication WHERE I GOT SHOT FROM. The lack of that feature makes every game basically unplayable, because if I can't out of my spawn, if I can't get my s*** together and keep up with mp7 sweats that are squatting behind objects building up their streaks, AT THE VERY LEAST LET ME KNOW THE DIRECTION WHERE I AM GETTING SHOT FROM. I personally think it is really weird that noone is complaining about or noticing that, although it is a really big issue for me.
    I hope this issue will be patched immediately because it makes the client unplayable. I am currently making a video about the GOOD and the BAD of plutonium IW5, especially about the issues that CAN be fixed and things that CAN'T be fixed. I really really want your client to be the ultimate platform when it comes to mw3. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.

  • there is nothing wrong with hit indication in mw3 I personally went into a server and testing hit and nade indications and they work as intended.



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