Banned for using a Trainer

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  • Hey, I played Black Ops 2 Zombies on Mob of the Dead, I tested a trainer and we wanted to troll around in our lobby and after that game i wanted to start my game again and i got logged out when i logged back in it said that i was banned for 7 days now, i want to know if it is possible to get me unbanned or so because we literally played alone and just wanted to have fun. Anticheat banned me for this. Pls help.

  • @snusgott Yes, this is normal for you to get banned for using trainers...which btw tampers with game memory. Regardless if you are playing custom games/solo, you are still playing online. Had you played on LAN mode you would have been safe, since you won't be connected to Plutonium servers. Take this ban as a warning for next time after you wait for your ban to expire.

    Do not make another account as it will extend your ban.
    If you are banned 2nd time, you will be perma-banned.
    Please read the AC policy

  • @Pistakilla ok. thx for your reply.

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