[RELEASE] Ranks Plus v2 - Tic-Tac-Towo Update

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  • Notice Sometime in the coming updates the menu system will have a few additions and might temporarily break Ranks Plus till I update it.

    Rank's Plus Information

    What is "Rank's Plus"?

    Well what does that mean?

    • It is basically an in-game menu added to allow you to set your rank to any rank 1-80 and any prestige 1-21 and more all in-game!

    But can't you just enter commands in the console and do the exact same thing?

    • But this is menu, so its better :c, and also now has tic-tac-toe


    • Code magic (Ill make a tutorial once I fully understand!), but please note to keep your rank and or prestige you need to play a match complete it and wait for the map to change for your rank and or prestige to save (This is nothing I can fix, this is strictly pluto)

    Will there be any updates to this?

    • Heck yeah, once I figure out more stuff I can do and how to do it I will. If you have any suggestions just comment them below!

    What does the menu offer?

      • Rank Customization
      • Prestige Custiomization
      • Weapon Level Customization
      • Tic-Tac-Toe With AI
        And a lot more!!!

    To Download and Setup

    Downloading and setup is fairly easy

    • First go to my mega folder by clicking here
      Or here https://mega.nz/folder/zDpllLLT#KB-VYy4PyZjjqghycT1xFg
    • Click the download as zip in the top right corner
    • Installation is simple
      • Find your zip and open it
      • Go to your AppData folder and then locate the Plutonium folder
      • Your file path should look similar to this C:\Users\(Your Username)\AppData\Local\Plutonium

      • Then click on the folder named "storage" then "iw5", finally paste the all the of the files inside of the zip in the "ui_mp" folder!

    Please if you got lost in the installation process check out this post here by @Mr. Android
    Also please do not change any file names while installing, they will most likely not work if you do! (Also note that's camos, but its the same idea in a different folder)


    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Pack Notes

    • Current Version v2
      • Made tic-tac-toe @RektInator (Big thanks to @MaximHunter28 for helping with the AI)
      • Started Adding a Weapon Level Picker
        ‏‏‎ ‎

    • Pack bugs
      • None at The Moment

    And also Special Thanks to @MaximHunter28 for helping me out with this

  • Good to see people making use of the LUA menus, nice work.

  • Great release OP, I'm sure people will enjoy the simplicity of this.

  • Note to self: Fix cancel button in Common.lua

  • @RektInator said in [RELEASE] Ranks Plus v1.1 (Menu Options):

    Note to self: Fix cancel button in Common.lua

    Just push an update that just shifts it to the bottom right corner of the screen

  • @UnOfficial there's a function missing from the text definition to invert it's alignment. This is how the normal menus do it.

  • LUA looks so nice to mess with but im just terrible 😀
    I saw it all around BO3 and im just too lazy to touch it.

  • @mikzy Its weird. Like a bunch of syntax it allows but for some reason IW5 doesn't allow it, like iw5 didn't let me do or statements. So I had to do nested if statements.

  • @UnOfficial huh weird

  • @UnOfficial I'm sorry but I didn't understand why would I change my rank in game ? What is the goal ? I think there is something I didn't understand ^^'

  • This post is deleted!
  • @Thanatos said in [RELEASE] Ranks Plus (Menu Options) v1.4 - Sound Update:

    @UnOfficial I'm sorry but I didn't understand why would I change my rank in game ? What is the goal ? I think there is something I didn't understand ^^'

    In case you want to grind from a certain point, or If you have custom ranks you can mess with them. The same applies for each prestige. Some people don't like using Unlock all! Also, this menu will include more than ranks once I figure out and have time to figure out new stuff.

  • @UnOfficial ah ok I understand ! thank you and nice job with the menu ! keep going 🙂

  • is there a way to manually set weapon levels? would be neat!

  • @schwenn said in [RELEASE] Ranks Plus (Menu Options) v1.4 - Sound Update:

    is there a way to manually set weapon levels? would be neat!

    You actually can, below I'm going to comment dump a bunch of weapon level + weapon xp commands (I will implement this in a future update!)

    setplayerdata challengeState ch_longersprint_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_longersprint_pro 422400
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_longersprint_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_longersprint_pro 42240
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_sleightofhand_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_sleightofhand_pro 750
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_scavenger_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_scavenger_pro 500
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_blindeye_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_blindeye_pro 250
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_paint_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_paint_pro 250
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_hardline_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_hardline_pro 500
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_coldblooded_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_coldblooded_pro 100
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_quickdraw_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_quickdraw_pro 500
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_twoprimaries_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_twoprimaries_pro 500
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_blastshield_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_blastshield_pro 100
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_autospot_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_autospot_pro 100
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_detectexplosives_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_detectexplosives_pro 750
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_bulletaccuracy_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_bulletaccuracy_pro 500
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_deadsilence_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_deadsilence_pro 250
    setplayerdata challengeState ch_stalker_pro 6; setplayerdata challengeProgress ch_stalker_pro 750
    ------------Above is perks below is weapons, and this should be everything-------------
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_m4 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_m4 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_m16 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_m16 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_scar 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_scar 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_acr 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_acr 179601"
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_type95 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_type95 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_g36c 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_g36c 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_fad 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_fad 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_mk14 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_mk14 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_ak47 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_ak47 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_cm901 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_cm901 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_mp5 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_mp5 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_pp90m1 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_pp90m1 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_mp7 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_mp7 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_p90 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_p90 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_ump45 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_ump45 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_m9 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_m9 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_sa80 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_sa80 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_mg36 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_mg36 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_pecheneg 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_pecheneg 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_mk46 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_mk46 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_m60 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_m60 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_barrett 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_barrett 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_dragunov 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_dragunov 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_rsass 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_rsass 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_msr 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_msr 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_as50 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_as50 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_l96a1 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_l96a1 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_usas12 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_usas12 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_spas12 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_spas12 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_aa12 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_aa12 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_striker 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_striker 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_1887 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_1887 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_ksg 30; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_ksg 179601
    setplayerdata weaponRank riotshield 9; setplayerdata weaponXP riotshield 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_fmg9 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_fmg9 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_mp9 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_mp9 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_skorpion 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_skorpion 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_g18 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_g18 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_usp45 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_usp45 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_p99 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_p99 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_mp412 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_mp412 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_44magnum 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_44magnum 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_fnfiveseven 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_fnfiveseven 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_deserteagle 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_deserteagle 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_smaw 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_smaw 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_stinger 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_stinger 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_javelin 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_javelin 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_xm25 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_xm25 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_m320 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_m320 14000
    setplayerdata weaponRank iw5_rpg 9; setplayerdata weaponXP iw5_rpg 14000

  • N E A T - looking forward to the next updates!!!!

  • hi dude how do i open the menu?

  • @ItsZekas after you install it, go to the barracks section of the main menu and there should be a new button on the menu and just click it!

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