Banned, unsure as to why...

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  • So, I got banned for some reason, and I'm confused as to why. I created an alt account to try to get around the issue, (this one) but obviously this didn't work. My original account is just 'domn8u'. I was banned on there originally, and I presume the ban was extended when it said that I had to wait twelve days on this new account. I don't know why I was banned though because I didn't even play on a public server the last time I played this game, or even the last few times, I don't think. Could use a little help/advice here. I'm unsure of what to do because I've been trying to play with friends on all of the maps before school starts to really pick back up.

  • @domn8u_715 the anticheat detected you tampering with process memory (for example by using an injector to load mods). Trying to evade the ban extends it yes, it also tells you that in the ban message.


    Wait till your ban expires.

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