Increase server Tickrate / Improve Hitreg

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  • Dear Pluto devs,

    The server tickrate is AWFUL, especially in such a sweaty and almost competetive enviroment.
    Fix your Client, it has been almost a year since your comeback and the TICK RATE / HITREG is still AWFUL. THE PLAYERS ARE AWFUL. THE NETCODE IS AWFUL. YOUR CLIENT IS AWFUL. Small tweaks and changes can make it the revival, but in the current state it's awful.
    What's the point of having DeDiCaded SErVeRs, when the tickrate is just as awful as on a hosted connection, no matter the ping.


  • How about you jump into wireshark and record the amount of packets sent, do that for both Steam and Pluto and I think you'll see they are the exact same tickrate.

    The tickrate is the same as they was back in the day, get gud.

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