Dedicated server on LAN

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  • I found a method to launch the bo2 in lan but that works to a certain extent it is true that you do not need internet but when connecting to the service that in my case is on my local network it gives me an error which I cannot even see since the game won't let me. But otherwise if at the time of connection we have the internet it works wonderfully even if we remove the internet after the connection we can continue playing as long as we do not close the game

  • I hope at some point the plutonium programmers would allow to play in lan, many in the CALL community do not need it and they would appreciate it

  • It is planned and fully offline support will probably be out along with Game-UI. No ETA though.

  • @HannesC Thank you very much for the response and all the support in the world to the plutonium group

  • Maybe this will be useful to them this is the error that the client gives me when connecting without internet error in load.jpg

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