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  • alt text
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    ->> Server list <<-


    • Server list (WOW!)
      • Filter by game
      • Basic search
        • Select a game filter before searching to only search servers on that game
      • Outdated servers are marked as such with yellow text color
    • Server page
      • connect ip:port string with click to copy
      • Player list
      • Embeddable server banner
    • API
    • Open Source
  • @mxve That's pretty cool nice job!
    The launcher update will add a server list browser directly in the launcher so I'm not sure this will still be useful but until then that's nice! Note that there is no ETA for this release so it might take a long time before it's up

  • very nice friend


  • updatink yes

    • updated layout
    • added api endpoints
      • get all servers
      • get server by ip and port
      • data you don't get from the pluto api
        • player userslug (sanitized username to build forum profile url)
        • display map name (for known maps)
        • display hostname (removed color codes)
        • display gametype
        • server online & known
          • online should be obvious
          • known is currently the same as online but will in the future be used to differentiate between servers that are offline but have been cached and servers that are completely unknown

    alt text

  • revision check update

    • outdated servers will now be displayed with red text and have a warning text on the server page

      • alt text
      • alt text
    • api now returns "uptodate: boolean" for every server

    • the api now returns a timestamp instead of the age of the server data: "date: string"

      • this is set globally and for each server
    • Added country flags
      alt text
    • Added country to api, ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
  • Hey I think I found a bug.
    My IW5 server rotated Village and on your website it said Standoff (T6)?
    I don't have Standoff or any custom map in the rotation for this server

  • @Resxt Ty, fixed.

  • https://pluto.mxve.de/server/

  • @mxve Awesome update!
    I'll use this from now on ๐Ÿ‘

  • alt text

    • Theres now pregenerated code for the server banner at the bottom of the server page.
    • Client side image caching has been disabled/reduced.
    • Images aren't generated when accessing the url anymore, but rather on a timed schedule. This should improve loading speeds.
    • Outdated server color changed to yellow
  • tl;dr

    • The Server List can now be found on list.plutools.pw. The old address will start redirecting there soon and eventually won't work anymore.
    • By default the server page now uses a unique identifier instead of the full ip and port. This identifier is generated from the ip and port, so it won't change when anything else is updated.
    • Added colored underline for game filters
    • Fixed too long texts on server banners & server page
    • Fixed server banner being generated for unknown servers (reported by @mr-android)
    • Minor improvements
  • Web

    (Desktop only)
    • Added sorting (click the column title to sort)
    • Added aim assist info
    • Added password protection info
    • Added current round (t6zm only)


    • round
      • Current round (non-t6zm is always 0)
    • password
      • Now supports all games, the plutonium api only correctly sets it for iw5
    • aimassist
      • '-1' if unknown (currently always -1 for iw5 t4)
      • '0' if disabled
      • '1' if enabled
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