[RELEASE] Simple Camo Pack!

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  • I got bored one day and I figured... "I kinda feel like making a camo pack, everybody else is doing it 🤷"

    Well... Here is the cringe fest I rushed through on GIMP:

    In order from left to right, the camos are listed below:

    • snow
    • snake
    • red
    • multi
    • marine
    • urban digital
    • hex
    • classic
    • choco
    • blue
    • winter


    ^^ (here is a little snippet of the multi camo on the msr 👀)

    I'm too lazy to get screenshots of every single camo that I made, so you'll have to use them at your own risk. The menu camos and the icons are not changed, so when you go to select the camo in the menu, they have the default thumbnail of the vanilla camo pack.

    Well, hope you guys like it (or hate it, I don't really care)!


  • I would like to announce that I have just added a Rainbow chalk gold camo to this pack!


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